Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This week we have something very special planned for you guys.

One of our very own GDBA students Donna Ringrose is a professional hockey player with the Montreal Stars in the CWHL. This week I have worked on assembling a student profile showcasing Donna and her amazing talents in hockey. In addition Alan Hochstein has worked on subsidizing some tickets, $2.00 per ticket for GDBA students, for the Montreal Stars game this Sunday January 30th at Loyola campus at 1:00 pm. It's sure to be an amazing game and I hope to see you all there. And, now I would like to present our GDBA athlete Donna Ringrose...


I'm Donna Ringrose and I come from a small town called Campbell's Bay about 1hour north west of Ottawa/Gatineau, along the Ottawa River on the Quebec side. Throughout my childhood I was always very passionate about hockey and could always be found playing with family and friends at the local pond and rink. I joined my first competitive team in CEGEP playing for the John Abbott Islanders. Transitioning from the local pond to real ice was a little tricky, but I managed to adapt. During my time at Abbott I studied in pure and applied science. I graduated onto Concordia University and was fortunate to suit up and play with the Stingers. I spent 3 years as a Stinger and received my bachelors' degree in Exercise Science. I am now in my 2nd year as a professional hockey player with the Montreal Stars in the CWHL.

Education is very important to me, and that is why I decided to pursue a GDBA in order to become a better student and a well rounded individual. I plan on pursuing a career where I can benefit from having both an exercise science/kinesiology and business background. I am a strong believer that being active and healthy is important and would like to somehow incorporate that with my future career.

Along with being a committed hockey player and student, I believe that as an athlete, there is a role to be played and a responsibility to our communities. We are given so much and it's only fitting that we give back. During my studies at Concordia I created an affiliation with Concordia and the humanitarian organization "Right to Play". I also remain very active in my hometown with food drives, community involvement programs and the church. Giving back to the community and helping those in need are an essential part of an athlete's life.

I enjoy good food and appreciate a restaurant that makes the finest! Indian and Thai rank high on my favorites list. The best Thai in town is a little place called Bangkok Express in Monkland Village and the best Indian is on Stanley at Allo Inde. I also enjoy movies. One of my all time favorites is Defiance which is set during WWII. This really got to me as my grandfather served in the Polish army. This movie demonstrates the struggles the people in Poland experienced. I enjoy movies that show history and how we have become what we are today.

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